Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income

  2012 2011 Restated6
Notes In thousands of Euros
  Net Profit (loss) for the period (A) 42,074 46,260
31 Effective portion of profits (losses) on cash flow hedges (1,759) (1,283)
31 Actuarial gains (losses) relative to defined benefit plans (4,498) 763
 31 Profit (loss) deriving from the translation of financial statements of foreign companies denominated in foreign currency (3,818) (11,262)
  Total Other Profits (and losses) for the period (B)* (10,075) (11,782)
  Total Profit (loss) for the period (A+B) 31,999 34,478
  Attributable to:
  Shareholders of the Parent Company 31,936 34,533
  Non-controlling interests 63 (55)
6_Other Profits (and losses) take account of relative tax effects