8. Amortisation/depreciation and impairment costs €/000 79,621

Amortisation and depreciation for the period, divided by category, is shown below:

Property, plant and equipment: 2012 2011 Change
In thousands of Euros
Buildings 4,497 4,095 402
Plant and equipment 15,742 14,075 1,667
Industrial and commercial equipment 14,849 15,198 (349)
Other assets 1,913 1,851 62
Total depreciation of tangible fixed assets 37,001 35,219 1,782

Intangible assets: 2012 2011 Change
In thousands of Euros
Development costs 21,373 28,315 (6,942)
Industrial Patent and Intellectual Property Rights 15,626 21,512 (5,886)
Concessions, licences, trademarks and similar rights 4,823 9,039 (4,216)
Other 798 928 (130)
Total amortisation of intangible fixed assets 42,620 59,794 (17,174)

As set out in more detail in the paragraph on intangible assets, as of 1 January 2004, goodwill is no longer amortised, but tested annually for impairment.
The impairment test carried out as of 31 December 2012 confirmed the full recoverability of the amounts recorded in the financial statements.
The decrease in the item amortisation of intangible assets is due to particularly high figures for the previous year related to measures to renew the range and also to the changed useful life of the Aprilia and Moto Guzzi brands, to which reference is made in the comment on the specific item of assets.