Main environmental performance indicators

Piaggio is committed to improving the management of environmental processes, targeting lower energy consumption, less pollutant emissions and a lower production of waste and use of water, however the Piaggio Group's environmental performance in the 2010-2012 period was affected, in some instances, by anomalous trends. These anomalies were due to the combination of two opposing aspects. On the one hand, benefits were generated from the adoption of structural and technical measures for the efficient and environmentally friendly management of production sites. On the other hand, consumption increased, due, among other factors, to the increase in production at the Baramati and Vinh Phuc sites.
As regards waste, a comparison with 2011-2012 figures shows that waste production increased at the Vietnamese site, due to higher production volumes. Renovation works had a considerable impact on 2010 data for the Mandello site, where extensive areas of the plant, some of which no longer in use, were cleaned up and restored.  

Total energy consumption of the Piaggio Group



CO2 emissions of the Piaggio Group  


Water supplies of the Piaggio Group



Waste produced by the Piaggio Group