Organisational Development: Actions in 2012

Despite a difficult economic scenario worldwide, the Piaggio Group stepped up its strategy in 2012 to achieve greater globalisation in terms of its industrial and sales presence in Asia and consolidate its leadership position in Europe and America, allowing it to compete as a global company on international markets.

In particular, significant events during 2012 concerned the following:  

  • the Materials and Components Purchasing function has a new, more specific organisation, to guarantee an adequate organisation for the Group's internationalisation, through a single, integrated, global, functional Corporate department to optimise purchasing costs, develop specialist competencies for commodities and further integrate foreign structures;
  • as part of Production and Manufacturing Technologies, a new position was established to achieve cost optimisation for two-wheeler products and commercial vehicles, working in areas concerning production processes and suppliers;  
  • in the Asia Pacific 2 Wheeler area, Foshan Piaggio Vehicles Technology R&D Co. Ltd. has started to operate, with the aim of recruiting new Suppliers to support the Group's international purchasing activities, assisting with research and development for products developed in China, and promoting activities and initiatives relative to the Zongshen Piaggio Foshan Motorcycle Co. Ltd. joint venture and Piaggio-Jincheng agreements;
  • the Asia Pacific 2 Wheeler structure has been redefined, with Manufacturing, Purchasing and Quality organisational units being established and directly reporting to the Manager, guaranteeing a more efficient management of operating activities in the area; 
  • the company PT Piaggio Indonesia now reports directly to the Sales & Marketing Manager of Asia Pacific 2 Wheeler, for an integrated approach with Asian sales companies;
  • Two-wheeler Product Marketing now reports directly to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, with the aim of guaranteeing global and international development of the Group's products;
  • a new structure has been established for the 2-Wheeler Market Italy function, to optimise and guarantee maximum efficiency in sales network management, also in response to changed market conditions;
  • the responsibilities of the Group's Style Centre, which also oversees the development of all brand accessories and clothing, have been redefined, to ensure consistency with vehicle styles;  
  • the Web Communication organisational unit has been set up within the External Relations and Institutional Affairs department, to guarantee maximum focus on communication, through the Group's Internet sites and corporate sites for Customers;
  • the Corporate & Legal function has a new organisation, to optimise legal support for all Group activities, as well as compliance activities; a central organisational unit, Industrial Property, has also been set up, with the aim of protecting the Group's industrial property (brands, technical patents, models, know-how, etc.) at worldwide level;  
  • the Finance General Management unit has been set up, with all Finance Management functions reporting to it.